A Thank You Note to the Mermaid Fans Online

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I did not discover the amazingly large network of mermaid fans until I published Merminia. I must say I am astounded at the imagination and beauty in the artwork of mermaid enthusiasts. On tumblr and other fan forums, lovers of all things mermaid have impressed me with their unique and colorful perspectives. The one thing I keep taking away from the art and discussions is individuality and questioning conventionality.

I bring this up because I took issue with mermaids being typecast as all having the same personality when I started writing Merminia. If mermaids are half-human, shouldn’t they be flawed? Shouldn’t they be individuals?

The mermen and mermaids of Merminia are all characters that I wanted to have depth and vulnerability behind the muscled torsos and seductive faces.

The young Lead Merminian who goes into battle with fierce anger, but fights his tears when nobody is looking.

The disfigured and shy mermaid who appears broken, but has more strength and patience than the most disciplined warrior.

Selinne, a mermaid of royal blood, who should be the first in her clan to uphold her family’s ancient traditions. And yet she is doing everything she can to escape it, because she finds happiness in things that other Merminians think are unimportant and unusual.

In conclusion, I just want to say to all of you who retreat into books and all things fantasy, you are meant to be you. Fantasy and magic can be fascinating, but it will never be as cool as a person who knows who they are and owns it. It’s something as an adult that I am still constantly relearning.

High school is a fish bowl, (awful, corny pun intended.) The world needs variety and different points of view. Be you. Your thoughts and feelings do matter, and you are noticed.

And thank you to all of you teens out there who share your talents, opinions, and your art. You have truly inspired me.

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