Alarm Clock: The Mastermind

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So, Twelve was feeling a little overwhelmed. It happens when you’re growing up. You worry about keeping on top of schoolwork and clubs, while also trying to figure out where you fit in with all the other people who are also trying to figure out the exact same stuff.

You know how when you’re frustrated, sometimes the little things become big, big things? Well, Twelve’s alarm clock took the brunt. Twelve was convinced her alarm clock had it out for her. She vented about it in such a way I’d have sworn it had tentacles and bad breath. There was a villain among us.

“It gets on my nerves.”

“It’s too loud.”

“It ruins my day.”

“If only it wasn’t so shrill.”

Okay, so after we walked it back, obviously an inanimate object can’t ruin your day. But her dad and I understood that the vengeful feelings about a clock were more about feeling an inability to keep up with her busy schedule, to breathe. And I was glad we talked through what was really bothering her.

School is so important. Extra-curricular activities teach us how to juggle time and how to prioritize tasks. Learning to confront stress without letting it consume you is something I’m still learning too.

Still, sometimes saying “I’ve done all I can do today” and leaving the “try” part for tomorrow is appropriate.

We decided it was in everybody’s best interests to purchase an alarm clock that plays MP3 music she could choose. Hurrah for heroic gadgets that sing pretty things in the morning! I’m tempted to add “A Dream is a Wish” from Cinderella to the SD card, complete with the little bluebirds chirping. But I shall refrain.

And just to lighten things up and remind Twelve that sometimes laughter is more therapeutic than grimacing and cursing the world, her dad and I stripped that menacing clock of its battery force and made sure it can never rise from the dead. *Kids don’t try this at home.

Yeah, your mama writes about elves, trolls, witches, and finned things. I can bring the drama too.

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