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Emm Cole is the indie author of the gothic romance, THE SHORT LIFE OF SPARROWS, as well as a YA fantasy duology, MERMINIA. She resides in a tiny mining town in Montana, which stole her heart with its lingering Victorian architecture and diverse history.

She should have known she’d find a way to live in a whirl of swords, overdue kisses, and heroines pursuing magical quests. After speed-reading many beloved classics her grandmother loaned her, she descended upon the library and instantly adored the quiet of such a place—while the worlds she read about were vibrant, thunderous places in her mind.

Being an incurable night owl pairs well with her need to marathon books and binge Netflix. Emm’s non-book related interests include quirky socks, any song by Johnny Cash or The Rolling Stones, and rainy downpours while she hides inside with a coffee. Don’t share your Sour Patch Kids with her, because she’ll eat them all when you aren’t looking.

Her desire to create fantasy landscapes that are both whimsically sweet and morbidly sinister is something she has yet to tire of, and she hopes to continue developing strange magical realms, one story at a time.