Merminia Character Sketch: Merconius

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Each week my blog will spotlight one character from my fantasy book,  Merminia,  until each one has had their turn in the spotlight.

Here’s a merman who needs little introduction beneath the waves. A giant (literally) who leads a fierce and terrifying army, Merconius wields a serrated trident and sports necklaces of white shell and red jewel.

His favorite activities include conquering inferior clans and manipulating his own clan with menacing flair.

Merconius enjoys collecting the most frightening of creatures and conditioning them to obey his commands. From Red-tail dragons to serpents and giant squid, you will find his prized and deadly pets chained in the Holding Fields beyond the Litiant castle.

A warning though, Merconius does not appreciate unsolicited advice or having his authority questioned.


Direct quotes from Merconius:

“If you could lose something off your neck so easily, you are lucky not to lose your head too.”

“I cannot decide what would be more fun. Should I use him to bait a new serpent, or should I let our mermen hoist him above the water until his heart fails him?”

“The best you could do with this bit of the fates’ magic was to beckon a few eels? You are scared. You have always been scared. Go ahead, boy. Let’s see you really use it.”

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