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Oh, it’s been a wild year. I’d equate the upkeep of my blog to an old, dusty road with a tumbleweed bouncing across it. I’ve been so busy getting the Merminia sequel ready for print that my list of mermaid books to read has become quite long again. I haven’t even had the time to chat it up in the Goodreads forums, which I really miss.


So here are all of the crazy changes that come along with the sequel. I’ve retitled the book from Merminia Rising to Keeping Merminia. It was somewhat of a sentimental change, but an important one for me. I have a select group of awesome readers going through the proof right now, and as long as there’s nothing glaring to correct, Keeping Merminia will be available around the end of September.


Secondly, the cover is very different from the posted original. But I think the new cover compliments the first Merminia cover, and still has some fun, new elements to it.


Keeping Merminia is going to be listed as a New Adult book instead of Young Adult. There are several reasons I decided to write the sequel for a more mature genre. Mostly, I’ve found that Merminia’s audience was overwhelmingly in a specific age range. So this sequel was written with that kept in mind. Also, I decided that there are a few key scenes which may not suitable for younger readers. I want to be sensitive to that, and make sure the genre labels for Keeping Merminia are appropriate.


In the coming weeks leading up to Keeping Merminia’s debut, I will be posting new character spotlights, a Keeping Merminia playlist, and some other fun extras.


I want to thank you all for the emails, Twitter and Facebook messages, and phone calls asking how the sequel is going. It’s awesome to have so many thoughtful people cheering me on, and so thank you, thank you for all of your kind words! I’m certainly going to miss these characters and their little chaotic world. But I can’t wait to share the end of this story with all of you.

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