Merminia Character Sketch: Aramis

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I won’t lie. Aramis was the most fun character of Merminia to write.

Behind the magnetic, gray eyes and sandy hair is a merman who thrives on a little mischief. Although a bit of a flirt, Aramis is one to assess trouble before he reacts to it.

This soldier is the right hand to the Lead Merminian. He has also been charged with keeping Selinne safe. Aramis may be quick with a spear, but protecting Selinne is a challenge for the vigilant guard.

When Selinne’s antics put Aramis in danger as well, he is left with few choices.


Direct quotes from Aramis:

“I don’t eat Litiant scraps.”

“You are intense enough lately, I wouldn’t want you running me through just for the sake of practice.”

“You will never be lost to me.”

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