Merminia Character Sketch: Bayren

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With black hair and onyx eyes, Bayren looks a lot like Selinne.

He is also very much like his sister in the sense that he hates feeling backed into a corner. This promising fighter has a huge heart and an equally large temper. It’s not easy for the untested warrior who is trying  to please everyone in his clan.

When we meet Bayren, he is preparing for the battle that will make or break him in the eyes of his troops. It does not help matters that he is up against the most ruthless war commander in the sea.


Direct quotes by Bayren:

“You think you are so big and strong, taking mermaids. How does it feel to be overpowered by one?”

“We are going to crush those oversized wastes of fin. They are going to regret that they ever came here.”

“If I am to die, I prefer that it be for my own.”

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