Merminia Character Sketch: Gabriel

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Now it’s time to introduce Gabriel, the Litiant son of the warlord Merconius.

With icy blue eyes, shoulder-length brown hair, and a sculpted and tanned back, he would turn any mermaid’s head. But not much seems to phase Gabriel–not beautiful mermaids, lurking Red-tail dragons, or even an opposing army charging toward him. Gabriel is all about business, and he is not one to wear his emotions for the world to see.

This Litiant warrior who carries faint battle scars on his massive forearms, first shows up in our story as a small boy. We quickly see the traumatic events that made this trusting and fragile child become a thick-skinned warrior who advances into battle without blinking.

When he first meets Selinne, she is just another Merminian he assumes will surrender. Imagine Gabriel’s surprise when the petite mermaid is facing possible death at his hand, and she is not afraid to tell her captor exactly what she thinks of him.


Direct quotes from Gabriel:

“If you care what happens to your only friend here, I suggest you rein it in. Otherwise your expressive outbursts are going to get him killed—or worse.”

“Outlasting a fight does not always equal winning.”

“The ocean is a living, breathing thing. It knows the things you have done.”


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