Merminia Character Sketch: Selinne

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Now that we have an inkling of what makes our villain tick, it’s time  for our heroine to take center stage.

Selinne is a mermaid from the Mermian clan—where mermaids are born with healing rays that not only cure wounds, but also change colors depending on how the mermaid feels at any given time.

This black-haired, dark-eyed beauty is very much a tomboy. She cannot understand why other mermaids spend all of their time basking about and braiding their hair to win a merman’s affection.

Selinne’s immovable determination often gets her into trouble, but she is not about to ask anyone to dive in and save her.

Selinne is fiercely loyal to those that she loves. Whether that is a good or a bad thing, remains to be seen.


 Direct quotes from Selinne:

“A mermaid’s rays are her own gift to give,” she said in a dismayed whisper. “I have never known any dying merman to be selfish enough to demand that he be healed—not at the risk of draining a mermaid of her life.”

“You may be able to read my thoughts, but you cannot change them.”

“I have taken the pain away even before Silas allowed you to carry a dagger. Now is not the time to decide to be reserved and gallant with me.”



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