Merminia Character Sketch: Ulric

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Ulric is the son of Merconius and Gabriel’s brother. This blond-haired, blue-eyed merman is a hothead. The battle scars across his chest and arms prove his need to be in the middle of a conflict.

He has an almost blind allegiance to the Litiant cause.  The abrupt and callous soldier has but two weaknesses. He has glowing admiration for his older brother Gabriel—and carries the burden of his hidden love for Zara.

The first few scenes with Ulric show us very quickly that he reacts before thinking. His brother Gabriel tries to be the voice of reason and protect him. Gabriel most often protects Ulric from himself.

By the end of this story, Ulric’s threatening nature may prove to be more than just talk.


Direct quotes from Ulric:

“Why are we letting them go? Just like that? They threatened our territory and innocent Litiants—yet my weapons are clean.”

“…if you prove to be lying to me, no ring will save you.”

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