Merminia Character Sketch: Zara

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Zara is the keeper of several secrets by our story’s end.

Unlike other Litiant mermaids who adorn themselves in gold and silver, Zara is bare of anything that would draw a lustful eye. She is a fair-faced beauty who has been cast aside after a terrible accident.

This Litiant mermaid is wounded in more ways than can be seen. But Zara will never seek another’s pity or curse the fates for her misfortune. Zara has learned that you can see others for who they are when you sit back and pay attention.

Sometimes the strongest individuals are those who are content to be overlooked.


Direct quotes from Zara:

“I used to feel so sorry for them, all chained up with no room to move. After a dragon gets loose you realize you can never have enough chains around it.”

“Anything that happens to a person wearing a tabulon, even in the presence of somebody else, is a memory that cannot be stolen.”

“Fighting is how Ulric finds control in a life that has never been his to live.”

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