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First of all, I love the varied and intense emotion with which many of Merminia’s readers react upon finishing Keeping Merminia. People tend to smile or rage. I’d be a liar if I pretended this wide spectrum of opinion doesn’t sustain me.

Yes. I’m flashing a large, wicked smile to compliment my cackle. Have I mentioned I can be a tad dark? Well, that’s what my husband says about me anyway. I understand that the ending to Keeping Merminia will be something some of you will lovingly cradle and some will LOATHE and shake your head over. But I think it’s a pretty realistic ending for our Merminians and Litiants, who endure a very dangerous and risky existence.

Without spoiling the end for those who haven’t read it yet, I will just say that I’m hopeful about the way ___?__ was found by _?__.  The timing leads me to deduce that all is probably still well for those two. My primary focus for the end was to prove the extent of love between those two characters. Hopefully even the readers who are not fans of my chosen ending, will feel like at least there was true-forever-after-and-always love at play. Endings are a creative decision, and I’d rather make the reader FEEL than give a predictable, quiet conclusion. That’s not the way of Merminia, where mermen battle to the death and Red-tails heat the waves with fire.

I do have some lovely and twisted ideas for the future of the Merminian world. I just don’t know if or when they will become another book. As it stands right now, I’m halfway through the draft of another story that has no mermaids. So it remains to be seen, but most definitely won’t happen in the immediate future.

Writing Merminia and Keeping Merminia was a wonderful experience, but sometimes absence is necessary from even the things one loves most. Something about a fonder heart and all. I’m a big believer in writing what excites and inspires me, and I’m not about to pump out a third book until it has my full enthusiasm woven throughout it. What good is a story if the author isn’t putting their soul to the page? When I return to it, it’ll be with renewed energy and fresh, determined words.

Merminia will always be my first love since it helped me to realize that writing is what I want to do. I imagine that one of these years those characters will lure me back to their beautiful and haunting sea. Until then, you all have my permission to direct any and all colorful rants about KM’s conclusion to me.  I do actually read them. So long as there’s no threat of bodily harm in said emails, I will most likely (and happily) respond. 😉

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