My Stupor of Thought and Storytellers Who Slay

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This weekend, I got to meet the ultimate storyteller, Maggie Stiefvater. Now I have met recognizable individuals and celebrities before, and I’ve always thought it was so dumb that people act funny around them. They’re just people right? Haha. Well, I was that speechless, frozen idiot when I met Maggie. Apparently you just need to stick me in front of anyone who writes killer mythology or characters that make me tear up, and I probably won’t even blink with a poke to the eye.

The Scorpio Races and The Dream Thieves are in my top five favorites, so I was rendered basically mute for this exchange. When I say exchange, I mean she asked how to spell my name, and I looked like Bambi mesmerized by the glowing lights of an oncoming, honking diesel.

I might have said, “Hey, Gansey and Puck are some of the most defined and lovable characters I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know.” Or, “The mythology development in The Dream Thieves when Ronan goes home is stellar, and I slapped my kitchen table in glee when I read it.” But alas, I just stood there and mortified even my husband with my inability to move or speak.

It was a tad embarrassing to have the response skills of a rock, but meeting such a great talent was amazing. Hopefully I will be able to do more than nod and smile at her next book signing. (Look at her face. Hahaha. You can totally tell that she just got done having a completely awkward, one-way conversation with me.)

Maggie just released Sinner, which I am so excited to tear through. Cole and Isabel are running the show in this companion novel to the Shiver trilogy. I am stoked to have a signed copy to crack open, because Cole and Isabel were admittedly my favorites. (Don’t send me hate mail over that comment, because I have plenty of love for Sam and Grace.) I’m only 80 pages in, but so far Sinner has Isabel’s distinct sass and Cole’s effortless charm.

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