Triple Seven

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I was tagged on Twitter by @chadrmitchell to carry on the blog game called Lucky Seven Meme. So thanks Chad for inviting me to join in the fun! You can check out his 7-7-7 Meme at This idea was started by @Chris_Ledbetter (Check out his post is at The Oracle and The Muse.) When tagged, the author posts the random selection from their own book and tags 7 more authors.

Game Instructions: Go to either page 7 or 77 of your manuscript. Count down 7 lines, then copy the next 7 lines to your status. After that, name 7 more authors to participate.

From MERMINIA Page 7:

“There was his Selinne underneath a mess of ebony hair. Her tiny tail was nestled between her arms. Her innocent, little hands glowed in contented purple light as she slept. He wanted to gather her in his arms and whisk her away, but it would not save her from whatever the fates required. There was nowhere to hide when the fates came looking for someone.”

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And the fellow Twitter authors that I have tagged are…..

@heidigwrites @KellyAnneBlount @AndyHillBooks @JamiGrayAuthor @GlennSoucy1 @LindaJNance @BKnovelist

 Tag you are it!

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Okay…I’m on Twitter and I want to follow the lovely Emm Cole. How do I do that? I’m @YourFavMermaid (Although I am probably not yours, Emm. Yours would probably be @Selinne, no? 🙂