Will The Real Monster Please Stand Up?

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I’m gearing up to write the most pivotal scene in my draft. This is the playlist for it. Heavy? Uh huh. Creepy? You bet. I’ve been avoiding it, big time. It’s a scene of such duplicity and darkness, and when I’m writing something very contrary to my nature it is emotionally draining. I think though, that writing something that pushes you out of your comfort zone is important. It makes you strip down all of those fluffy, insulating layers that keep you from addressing your insecurities and fears. When you write something that makes you blink and shift in your seat, you just may be dealing with the monsters that are hiding under your bed. But instead of scrapping this scene because of how uneasy it makes me, I’m determined to catch the Boogeyman by his collar. I’m going to crouch down and yell “Boo!” right back.

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