Writing Means I Never Have to Grow Up

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Here’s a reader’s review that made me smile today. There’s even a picture of a unicorn and mermaid. I sat over here and hissed “Yesssss!” when I saw it.
For any author, the readers and reviewers are a constant reminder that our stories are being pictured, absorbed, (and hopefully enjoyed). Because I like to take a moment sometimes and process that somebody got lost in a story series that ruled the last two years of my life, I am adding this to my blog. I’m so grateful that I get to do what I love and interact with people who’ve grown attached to the characters I worked so hard to develop.

I sit in a chair, with coffee and music, and make up quirky people and strange worlds. I get the wild privilege of sharing it with others and getting to see their reactions. I can’t think of anything so cool as always being stuck in an imaginary place. So long as I’m writing books, I don’t think I’ll ever really have to grow up. I’m okay with that!

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